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New Inspiration from Today’s Youth!

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To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. – Reba McEntire

What does that mean?
This is a neat quote about achieving success in life, and who doesn’t want some of that in their life? The quote cites three things that are needed to achieve that success.

It cites the need for a wish bone. I take that to mean that you need to have a wish, a want, a need, a dream, something to provide motivation and a goal for you to strive towards.

It cites the need for a backbone. I take that to mean that you need to have some gumption, some fortitude, some stick-to-it-ivness, something to keep you going when things get tough, and the toughness to stand your ground in the face of opposition.

It cites the need for a funny bone. I take that to mean…

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In lieu of #TeamRobin, The Prayer of Protection was quoted in her home growing up and we are all reminded of it as she faces her journey to recovery with dignity and grace…

USLC-Adult Spiritual Education Blog

The Prayer for Protection was written by James Dillet Freeman, the “poet laureate” of the Unity movement and director of Silent Unity, the prayer ministry of the Unity movement, for many years. Originally, he wrote it in response to many requests for a prayer for protection for members of the armed forces during World War II. Since then, it has become a popular prayer used in most Unity churches and by many individuals who may never have even heard of the Unity movement.

Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman

The Light of God surrounds me;

The Love of God enfolds me;

The Power of God protects me;

The PResence of God watches over me.

Wherever I am, God is … and all is well.


Another of Freeman’s poems, “I Am There” was carried to the moon by the Apollo XV voyage by Astronaut James B. Irwin, and…

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Aaliyah’s posthumous album

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I am just learning how to use the pressure cooker for healthy cooking, weight loss, and good eating!


Most people put their pressure cookers away during the summer, thinking of the cooker again in the fall when they get a yen for the hearty soups and stews that the cooker does so well.

But this is a mistake.  Think about the fact that pressure cooking takes one-third or less the standard cooking time and consider dishes like a 4-minute risotto or a ratatouille soup that use up your abundant zucchini and eggplant, also takes 4 minutes to cook, and is delicious chilled.  You can find demos of my making both on my U-Tube channel:  PressureCookingwithLornaSass.

Think I’ll go and make some ratatouille soup right now.  In case you want to as well, below is the U-Tube clip for making it.  The demo is based on a recipe in GREAT VEGETARIAN COOKING UNDER PRESSURE. You can find a dozen or so risotto recipes in my various “pc” books and…

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Celebrating Gospel 3

As I continue to celebrate Black Music Month, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a staple in Black heritage: gospel music. Of the many artists out there, The Winans are one of my favorites.

The Winans: The Definitive Original Greatest Hits is a great introduction to a powerhouse clan. It is a 2 disc set which chronicles the greatest hits of the illustrious and celebrated career of the group of brothers from Detroit. The Winans refers to the brothers who sang together for over 30 years, not the dynamic bother and sister duo of the family known as Bebe and Cece Winans. Marvin, Carvin, Ronald, Michael, an Daniel performed together as a group for over 30 years. The youngest duo, Angie and Debbie, also recorded albums. Elder sister, Vickie Winans, is a solo artist. And of course, Mom and Pop Winans started it all by raising the family in church where singing was the way they expressed their love for God. Collectively, The Winans Family has earned 31 Grammys.

Disc one offers early hits like “Tomorrow”, “The Question Is” and the melodic “Everything You Touch Is A Song”. All three songs start the CD off slow, which gives you a chance to absorb the wonderful harmonies and listen intently to Carvin’s high pitched plea:

‘Tomorrow, who promised you tomorrow
Won’t you choose the Lord Toooo-day? (in his highest falsetto)
Your tomorrow could very well begin today.’

The tempo picks up a bit in disc two with toe tapping offerings like
“Fallow Ground”, “Don’t Be Deceived”, and “Restoration”. Though sung with conviction and purpose, the music comes across as uplifting and non-preachy. This is truly gospel in every sense of the word. Theses songs will lift your soul and lighten your mood. At least that’s what they do of me.

If you are in the mood to explore more gospel greats you may be interested in listening to The Clark Sisters or try The Hawkins Family. You will be glad you did!

Pros: the music is inspirational

Cons: not all Winans songs are included in this collection






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