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In lieu of #TeamRobin, The Prayer of Protection was quoted in her home growing up and we are all reminded of it as she faces her journey to recovery with dignity and grace…

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The Prayer for Protection was written by James Dillet Freeman, the “poet laureate” of the Unity movement and director of Silent Unity, the prayer ministry of the Unity movement, for many years. Originally, he wrote it in response to many requests for a prayer for protection for members of the armed forces during World War II. Since then, it has become a popular prayer used in most Unity churches and by many individuals who may never have even heard of the Unity movement.

Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman

The Light of God surrounds me;

The Love of God enfolds me;

The Power of God protects me;

The PResence of God watches over me.

Wherever I am, God is … and all is well.


Another of Freeman’s poems, “I Am There” was carried to the moon by the Apollo XV voyage by Astronaut James B. Irwin, and…

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